Monday, April 27, 2015

A road trip that began at the Oregon Coast!… We made a circle and then came back home to Portland!

Shore Acres! 
I will not provide you with every boring detail of our road trip although, there wasn't much about it that was boring at all.  I could tell you of every road we took, every site we saw and just about every bite we tasted but lets just get to the guts of the story and give you the highlights.

We had not ever explored the southern Oregon coast much so that was our first stop on day 1 of our road trip that began about three weeks ago.  Trekking down I 5 to Hwy 38 and heading for the coast, we traveled through an old favorite route of ours where Elk roam the fields on the sides of the road the mighty Umpqua River rushes in emeralds and blues alongside you.  This road took us to the Oregon Coast!

We spent our first night in North Bend at the Itty Bitty Hotel right off the hwy.  We used AirBnB for our trip and I have to say, this was our best experience on the road with them.  The place was teeny or "itty bitty" as the name says however, it was perfect for the two of us.  Rik was an awesome host and the little place was super clean and comfy.  Be sure to check out this motel if you are headed that way.

We left early the next morning with lots to do and spent some time at Shore Acres roaming the gardens and trying to keep dry.  This time of year, the coast is unpredictable but we didn't complain, we are Oregonians after all.  I suggest Shore Acres at Christmastime by the way.  The grounds are covered in lights and it's just perfect for everyone that loves the season.

We headed to the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort next.  I had explored this once but with Ray, we trekked out on to the greens and again, ducking the rain and watching the hard core golfers ignore the wet!  Soon we were headed south once again.  We had more to see and drive through as we headed for our second night on the road.

Arcata Scoop!

Using AirBnB once again, we stayed at a cute little cottage in Arcata, CA.  Met some friends at a pub, where we ate burgers and drank local beer and then found this little ice cream shop just around the corner.  It was called, Arcata Scoop.  They make all their own ice cream and we soon found out just how sweet this place is.  Next morning we stopped for coffee and grabbed a red velvet cupcake at a local bakery and set out for the Redwoods!  And yes, all good cupcakes need their photograph taken and yes, that's a blue vintage suit case in the photo that we took along with us to use for our picnic basket.

Driving the Redwoods took most of the day cause we just couldn't keep our eyes off the trees.  They were gorgeous and so every side road we could take led us to even more trees as we kept slowly trekking south.
Redwoods with that cupcake!

We eventually made it to Petaluma, our third night on the road.  A nice town with lots to see and do, our lodging was a new Air Stream Trailer at this little French Hotel.  Let me just say this… it sounds so cute and fun but really, it's not!  Ha… we really enjoyed the idea of it all and the bed was super comfy but that's as far it goes.  I am sure we are more hotel folk and not travel trailer folk.  Lesson learned and then we were on our way bright and early the next morning.

Ferndale, CA!

We back tracked a little as we had an appointment for a special tour of Spirit Works Distillery in Sebastapol.  I love their Sloe Gin so I was dying to see how they make it.  A quick tour and learning about the Sloe Berries and the fact that Spirit Works is the only distillery in the US to make Sloe Gin right now, we were smitten and hooked for good!  Our favorite part of the tour… seeing the barrels loaded with whiskey, we noticed that they were hooked up to iPods and had head phones laying over the top of them.  Classical, hard rock, etc. were playing on each barrel.  I can't wait to see how this pans out next year when the whiskey will be ready for tasting.  Nothing better than whiskey that's been aging while rocking out to ALL of Led Zeplins records!

We walked around this area of Sebastapol for a while and discovered that it's grounds and warehouses were used to store Gravenstein apples at one time.  Now these warehouses hold bakeries, wine tasting rooms, restaurants and soon, a hotel!  I need to go back asap… I just want to explore more of this region and especially see how they turn an old warehouse in to a hotel.

Spirit Works!


It was back to I 5 eventually and we had a reservation at a swanky West LA hotel and we didn't want to be late.  We got checked in, Über was scheduled and we were off to find the Burger Lounge which just so happened to be across the street from LA's Salt & Straw.  No accident it was there really, I had this all planned out weeks ago.  Delicious burgers and then a stroll over for some ice cream and a listen to all the folks in line.  Kind of funny but there's a line in LA too by the way and I had a great time sitting and watching the LA crowd ooh and awe over Salt & Straw's flavors.  Another Über trek back and that was that for the night.

Next morning we were up and ready for Huckleberry!  A Santa Monica staple and with my Huckleberry Cookbook in hand, we strolled in, ordered breakfasts and asked that every baker sign the book for us.  It was going to be a wedding gift after all and so signatures, well wishes and a gift card tucked nicely inside would be perfect!  Our breakfast was perfect too… breakfast porridge for me and huevos rancheros for him and then we were once again on our way!

That's Sher! xoxo

I do!

Time spent in Southern California with family and friends and this wedding in the mountains of Idyllwild, we played, we ate, we laughed and shared with friends our stories as we listened to theirs.  Cuban cigars paid courtesy of another AirBnB hit, were spread around at this gathering below.  Fellow firefighters sitting by the fire after devouring smoked meats and other delicious goodies, smoking and sipping fine whiskey's till it was time to say good bye and good night once again.

Firefighter Brothers!

St. George view from The Inn at the Cliff!

We spent a few nights after that in Arizona visiting more family and then trekked a whole day via the Hoover Dam and Vegas in to St. George, Utah.  One night there and on to Zion National Park where friends had already booked a cabin for us to share.  We only had one night so this had to be good… and it was!  We put our sneakers on and pulled our pant legs up and trekked through part of The Narrows and wow… we had a blast!  I had trekked through water before but this was simply amazing!  The high cliffs above us with walls of red and blue river water, we walked over stones and sand bars for a while till we could go no more all the while cursing ourselves for not planning this better and renting the proper gear to go all the way.  Next time!

I hadn't been to Zion since I was young so this was surely a treat.  It was crowded this time of year but not so much so that we couldn't enjoy just being there.  The cabins at the Zion Lodge are perfect and warm and cozy and it's a great place to be.  One night and darn it, we had to get home.  Saying good bye to friends the next morning and hit the road once more.

The Narrows at Zion NP!

One night in Boise at the The Boise Guest House and we were so pooped out from driving once we got there.  It was almost 9:30 and we had to get out and walk!  After we got checked in, we strolled over to the Bittercreek Alehouse and had thee most perfect beer, tacos, wings and fries!  We hit the 10pm mark and it was happy hour all over again.  Filled bellies and a short stroll back, we decided that Boise needs another visit as well.  We'll be back and we enjoyed our short stay at the guesthouse and I have a free bike rental waiting for me on Yelp I'll need to use;)!

The Boise Guest House!

Back home in Portland now for a few days and it has been a long journey and an awesome road trip. Filled with excursions, hiking, eating, photography, wet feet and wedding "I do's," but most of all, a journey filled with kissing loved ones, hanging with friends and just being with those we care about.  It was the best road trip ever and I'm looking forward already to the next one!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Less water yields more creative ways to make your gardens grow!

I found this article on today as I was perusing my latest email from them.  I love finding things like this to read because I have done most of what they say and what I haven't done, I'm working on.  And, I love all the new ideas I have found!

We've been on this very long road trip and yes, I'm ready to go home but… I have to say, I learned a lot and saw a lot that tells me that this is truly the beginning of one of the biggest water shortages we've ever experienced.  From Southern Oregon in to Northern California in to Santa Monica, to Corona and Riverside via Pasadena etc., we watched as the vegetation changed.  Driving the roads that took us to these places, we saw trees dying, drying streams, low lakes and the more south we got, the worse it looked.  It really makes you think about how much water we use, how we can use less and still have that awesome looking garden space and enjoy our yards.  So, I am sharing these ideas with you so that maybe it'll help you find that perfect idea for your yard and garden.

I am dying to get get home and begin playing in my garden.  This road trip has been amazing and interesting but it always feels good to get home.  My garden awaits with it's empty pots, dug out feed trough raised beds, trellises and our newest addition a small raised bed just perfect for hops!  I've grown them before in the Willamette Valley and we are anxious to get into beer making this fall so it made sense to grow our own.

We've been in our home in the Alberta Arts area of NE Portland for one year now and when we moved it, we thought that since it was a new home with a brand new yard, it was like an empty canvas.  We became our own garden artists and began digging in.  Tilling the soil, removing rocks which we used later for a walkway, planting several trees, bringing in bark and top soil, we planted veggies in our raised beds and began enjoying our new outdoor space.  Using the bark not only makes us feel like we are in the woods when we go outside, it along with our raised garden areas, sparse but interesting landscaping and some minor hard scape, we have created an outdoor space that requires very little watering.  This not only made us feel good about helping our environment, it was gratifying to plant and watch our natives flourish.

We still have a ways to go but every year we will add a little more hardscape and perhaps a few rain barrels in hopes of making our yard even more efficient.  If you have any ideas not addressed in the article on how we can cut down on even more water use, I'd love to hear them in the comment section of my blog.


Friday, April 3, 2015

FEAST PORTLAND… happening September 17 - 20, 2015! Tickets go on SALE May 2015!

Some of you may have already done this but if you haven't yet, get your calendars open and jot down the dates above!  You'll want to be sure to attend as many Feast Portland 2015 events as possible and if this year is anything like last year, the tickets will go fast.  I already have ideas of what Feast events I want to attend and will be watching like a hawk till the tickets become available in May.  I've already asked family and friends to plan their vacations around this event and so we're hoping for a nice crowd to share Feast Portland 2015 with!

A four day event like no other, once you've attended, it's easy to feel the pull to attend each year.  This will be my third and if things go right, I'll be a guest blogger once again.  There's lots of perks to that job and I have enjoyed and learned so much over the past few Feast years and having an outlet to share it all is pretty great!  Follow here or on Feast Portland's site, Instagram or Twitter feed for info and don't miss out on anything!  It'll be here before you know it!

Night Market 2013!

Baby Got Beer Back… Feast 2013!

Sandwich Invitational 2014!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

There's a "Shift" happening in Portland lodging… another cool place to stay in NE Portland!

Front Room!

I had the privilege of meeting Michelle and Klaas recently at the site of their new project.  The couple owns and re-modeled the Shift Vacation Rental on NE Alberta Street a few years ago. Since then, they have been able to offer vacationing visitors that rent their house in the Alberta Arts the opportunity to experience a Portland neighborhood right up front!  Banking many shops and boutiques, tons of restaurants and many more coffee houses, the Shift Vacation Rental was probably one of the best ideas that this couple came up with thus far.  I love their story, their love for bicycling and their endearing craft of making a house a home for those visiting Portland.

Their next project on Albina near the booming Mississippi Ave. area, will be just as popular with vacationers from all over the world! Seeing with a vision only those with tons of artistic ability have, Michelle and Klaas are deep in the midst of taking a smallish historic home and re-doing, re-modeling, adding to and bringing in the light with their own hands and a little help.  With a small crew, they join in and seem to be masterfully turning this next project in to something they should be very proud of.  I do admire those with this ability and foresight, the artistic imagination that can see how wonderful a finished project will be before it's it's even finished!

Upon entering the front room of this soon to be Shift Vacation Rental number two, I could immediately see the light.  Adding more windows, opening walls and the sky lights made this house really bright and cheery.  You can see the personality in the historic home however, the new things really add a lot without taking away the charm of what it is.  From room to room, Michelle and Klaas have kept things simple, changed only what they had to and added only the things that one would truly need for a comfy and fun stay over night in this Portland neighborhood.

Hoping for an early summer opening, this vacation rental will be perfect for hosting your family! There are several bedrooms and bathrooms in this home and also in the brand new separate addition to the property behind the main house. You can invite everyone!

Learn more about Michelle and Klaas and keep up on this, their newest project here or on these links:

Thanks to Michelle and Klaas for letting me get that sneak peek and I'm so excited to see it finished and ready for visitors!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A chocolate chip cookie recipe… sweet, salty and perfectly perfect!

Somedays I just need a cookie!… or two!  I cannot recall where I found this recipe so please forgive me  if it's yours and I've stollen it.  And, just like everything else in this world… it's always better if it's stollen.  Not funny I know but seriously, some things taste better when you've swiped it!  I recall a moment when my mother accompanied me to my kiddos school one day to help out in their classrooms.  We had to trek over to the teachers lounge where there was a pass-through window in to the schools cafeteria.  On the counter, within my mothers reach sat about a dozen cookie sheets filled with warm, just baked chocolate chip cookies.  She took one!  I couldn't believe it but my mother just stole a cookie.  No one was around so does that make it okay?  I think not but I'm not sure I've ever seen her enjoy something so much in her life.  It made me laugh a little and as the warm cookie was devoured, she laughed a little too.  There's just something about a warm chocolate chip cookie that makes everything perfect in the world.

I have the second batch of these babies in the oven right now and my house smells so good.  The boys will be happy when they get home;)!  Happy baking and happy Spring from Portland.


2-1/4 cup flour
2 teas. baking soda
1 teas. salt
1 cup unsalted butter, although today I used 1/2 cup butter and 1/2 cup shortening and wow… delicious!
1 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup granulated sugar
2 large eggs, cold
1 TABLESPOON vanilla
36 ounces semisweet chocolate chips, I don't use that much but you go for it!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and line a baking sheet with parchment.

In a medium bowl, combine flour, baking soda and salt.

Cream butter, shortening (if you use it), both sugars until mixed but not fluffy.  Add the eggs one at a time and mix well.  Add vanilla and stir to combine.

Add the dry ingredients and stir until almost absorbed, then add the chocolate chips and mix till they are fully incorporated.  

Scoop dough into one inch balls onto the cookie sheet and bake for about 15 min. or until edges are golden brown.  Let the cookies finish baking on the sheet out of the oven for 5 min. then remove and let cool… or not.  Just eat them!


Monday, March 23, 2015

One day in Portland! If that's all you have.. GO BiG, in a small neighborhood!

Beer Making at F.H. Steinbart!

Here in Portland, most of our days are extraordinary.  However, every now and again, we have one of those days times ten and then I have to tell you about it!  Last Saturday, we had a day filled with learning, tasting, walking, touring and enjoying and it all happened in one little corner of the city. So, if you are looking for a day like this, filled with "Portland" things to do, check out the rest of the story and start planning!

As a Christmas gift to our son, we booked the three of us in to a beer making class at F.H. Steinbart.  I love this shop and included it in to a tour itinerary about a year ago that took me on a trip through many of our home type shops around the city.  It's one of many but seriously the one stop that has pretty much everything if you want to make wine, beer, cheese and more!  Our class began at noon as about 20 of us gathered in the back room of the warehouse to take notes and taste beer!

Learning about the grains, the hops, the water, etc. and all the stuff that makes good home brewed beer was pretty danged interesting.  Our household has been itching to begin our first batch for some time so this only perpetuated that desire to get brewing.  Looking for a mid Spring batch to come our way. This was only the beginning of our day and I want to include it in to this itinerary for you however, there is only one beginning beer making class a month so check that out if you're interested.  If you just want to included F.H. Steinbart and do a walk/shop through, that's ok too!  Enjoy the stills, the growlers and all the things that make any type of home brewing fun and interesting.

We rode over by car to the first stop of the day.  Beer making class lasted about three hours and the tastes were pretty good too!  One of the beers shared was a great example of one of our local brewers, Base Camp Brewing.  Only a four minute walk from F.H. Steinbart to Base Camp, I highly suggest you save this as a possible last stop of the day cause you'll want to linger.

After our class, we walked a block over to Meat Cheese Bread which I had enjoyed about four months ago.  Loved the Fall Panzanella so I was pretty excited to still see it on the menu.  This place is pretty small, indiscreet and tucked into a little older style strip of buildings and so unless you are looking for it, you may not see it at first.  Ray had the chicken salad and really loved that too!

From Meat Cheese Bread, we walked a block and a half to Woodblock Chocolates!  Time for a quick tour and meeting Charley was pretty sweet!  I suggest you call ahead if you'd like a tour of this "manufactory!"  It's a small production with huge flavor and one of those Portland love stories that you could hear over and over again.  Quite simply one of the best chocolate makers in the area.

If you wanted to get started earlier in the day, I suggest you check out my last blog as it tells of this food lovers quarterly report on places I have enjoyed since the beginning of this year. Although, when I think of brunch perhaps which would be perfect on this kind of day, my mind and gut goes to Autentica or even the Arleta Library Cafe.  Either would do.

Again, ending this day at Base Camp Brewing is not only a great idea, it's one of the best and most interesting breweries in Portland.  Beloved by all who enter and taste, Base Camp has a great story all its own.  Ask around and if you're lucky, you'll get a quick info session and perhaps a little tour of the facilities.  Be sure to have someone in your party get that stout with the toasted marshmallow on top.  Great shot for a good photo and a delicious brew.

Cacao Beans at Woodblock Chocolates!
If you are looking for dinner, see my last blog and choose your dining experience and let me know how it goes.  I'd love to see how you incorporate this itinerary in to your day or weekend here in Portland and see what you add to it. 

Roasting the cacao beans.

Charley and roasted cacao beans!

Chocolate hair… that's Charley!

Fall Panzanella at Meat Cheese Bread!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Oregon Dining Experiences… a quarterly report!

So, I'm trying something a little different this year.  I decided that when my list gets this full, it's time to share it!  I don't want to wait till the end of 2015 when you can take this list now, print it out and stick it in your back pocket and then make your rounds to the places I've tried out!  Please note as I say below, if you see this *, it means it's a "new to me" place.  Without it, I'm just a returning customer which says a lot too.  Remember also, you are reading my private notes and my opinions.  I almost always have something good to say at each place I visit and understand that even some of my most favorite places have off days.  It's ok, we all do.  Enjoy my list and let me know how you like it or used it in your food journeys.


Places I’ve been so far:  2015

I won’t mention little places I’ve been to over and over again for ice cream such as Salt & Straw and some places for coffee, etc. unless they are outstanding of course.  And, if you see a *... it’s because it’s either new to me or the first time I’ve had food there some places I frequent:  Barista on Alberta St., The Tea Bar on Killingsworth, Salt & Straw... 

  1. Old Salt Marketplace/Miss Zumstein’s fo New Year’s Day Brunch... really good!
  2. Fly Awake Tea Garden for chai and they had some delicious looking food cooking up around a pit.  
  3. *Lan Su Chinese Garden/Teahouse... We had a pot of tea and Chinese Dumplings and this was our first time for real food.  Really good dumplings but really hot!
  4. *Olé Latte Food Cart for a Portland Pine Latte at their cart on Alder... really good!
  5. *Frank’s Noodle House on Broadway... good but not a huge noodle fan.  Ray took leftovers home and cooked them in a pan the next day and said they were a lot better.
  6. Nuvrei for Macarons with Steven and Drew... loved them and Steven loved the cin roll.
  7. Sweet Red for Book Club and as always.. nice!  That's in Albany!
  8. *Sirene Cafe in Albany... not good, horrible decor and very cold feeling. In Albany!
  9. *The Ranger Station on Hawthorne... our first time and not so great feeling when we walked in.  Service is weird with only one person bar tending and doing food.   Didn’t eat but the menu sounded good.  Only had beer.  Disappointed in the decor I guess my expectations were different.
  10. *The American Local... Loved the vibe, the cocktails and the food!  Smaller plates and I had the fried macnchz.  Ray’s cocktail had bourbon and salted caramel bitters and I had tequila with apple juice.  Pretty nice. 
  11. *North Light on Miss Ave.... Sunday night for a whiskey tasting and intro to a new cocktail, Stone Barn Brandy Works.  Ray liked the whiskey ok.  I had a cocktail the bar tender made up with Stone Barn’s coffee liqueur.  She also had several jars on the bar she calls tinctures.  Some with almonds, walnuts, etc.  She uses everclear to make them.  They offer smallish bites but we didn’t eat anything.
  12. Liberty Glass... just went in for a beer on 1/11 and there were a few people around.  Wish this place was busier but it was a Sunday night.
  13. Lovely’s 50-50... wow... pizza shared, a smallish beer and ice cream made there!
  14. *Oui Presse... really cute and I had a cafe au lait served in a bowl... loved it!  Also, liked the coffee cake which I think was esspresso?
  15. *OSO Market... got Ray some snacks and me a tea to go, they mis-charged me.  
  16. *OSO...we went back to straighten it out and was offered some wine.  Talked with the bar tender for half hour. Great place for a drink and they have lots of snacks, etc. all made local.
  17. Cafe Nell... brunch for Jo’s bday ummmm!
  18. Uncle John’s Market on Taylors Ferry Road.. not a big deal.
  19. Baker and Spice on 1/25 with Steven.  He had coffee cake and we brought home something chocolate for Ray.  They loved it!
  20. Branch Whiskey Bar for drinks only. Loud this night but it was an Alberta night out.  We had dinner out on the patio last summer and enjoyed it and the food was pretty good.
  21. Tea Bar... I had a London Fog on 1/28 and loved it!  I’m in to tea latte’s now.
  22. *Richmond Bar on Division... went after we picked up Steven from work... 11pm.  Ray had a burger and I had macncheese with Steven.  Really good and love the bar.  Old fashioned in a fun way.  Tots were good too!
  23. Pips... had the Emmylou again and tried the everything doughnuts Steven gets.  Really good!
  24. Old Salt Marketplace... Dinner on 1/31 and not as impressed with this menu this time.  I had a rahicchio salad that was ok and the biscuits I found out, are made out of lard.  The cheese polenta wasn’t right this time and was like congealed.  But, this is still our fav place for brunch thus far and we still enjoy taking folks visiting here!
  25. *Autentica... amazing brunch and I had the enchilada mole on 2/1.  Ray said the best Huevos Rancheros he’s ever had.  Really loved all the food and they give you a lot, almost too much!  
  26. Ecliptic for a Lunation dinner.  Really nice, weird menu though.  Lots of beer and tar tarick for me anyways!  
  27. Barista for a cafe au lait and Roman Candle Sweet Potato Muffinyum!
  28. Prasad in the Pearl... All vegetarian/vegan.  Liked the juice.
  29. *OSO brunch... already posted that but ate here on 2/8 and really enjoyed the Polish brunch!
  30. LaTaq... again, YUM!
  31. The Pied Cow for dessert on 2/14 and it was ok.  Ray had a banana split and I had pie.  This place is just sticky.  As always.
  32. Tin Shed for brunch.... so freaking good!!!!  With the Medina’s.
  33. *Multnomah Whiskey Library... loved the bar, the cocktails so-so.  Nice selection of whiskey and beer.
  34. Lovely’s 50-50... again, love the pizza and ice cream!  
  35. Tasty & Son’s... first time in a long long time and really good brunch!  Loved the flakey and moist biscuits and chocolate potato doughnut.
  36. Sunshine Tavern... good food as always but loud!
  37. Milk Glass... cookies only this time.  Chocolate salted caramel for Ray, thee best!
  38. *The Old Gold for a Whiskey 101 class.  Bites were just so-so but they have a nice whiskey selection and the bar is great and we really enjoyed the class!
  39. Cheese and Crack for sundae’s... will prob go back for food but enough with the sundae’s for now can't be this bad all the time;)!
  40. *Petite Provence... my first time and the croissants are good, butter, flakey and huge!  Very good with jam.  Coffee was good and by Nossa Familia!
  41. Branch Whiskey Bar.. I’ve eaten here before, last summer on the patio.  I like the atmosphere and the small bar feel where I as a local could picture myself hanging out now and then.  The veggie burger is ok and should be eaten with fork really to get the most out of it.  The fries are good and be sure to ask for them without the duck fat oil!!!!
  42. *Juniper’s Food Cart on SW Washington.  I had the Chocolate Malt yesterday, March 5th and it was good.  Not like a shake, it’s more like chocolate milk.  I also enjoyed half of the Italian Sammy, all vegan btw and it was tasty.
  43. Tidbits Food Cart Pod... I had the Pyro Pizza and it was really good.  Also enjoyed the Scout Beer Cart where I had a Friem Family Brewery beer.
  44. *City State Diner and Bakery... Steven had The Best of Both Worlds which was a portion of each eggs benny and biscuits and gravy.  He said the biscuits were a bit rich and too much.  I had eggs, potatoes and toast and a bit of his coffee cake which was delicious and tasted like a cinn roll.
  45. *Motor Coffee Co... went Sunday 3/15 with Patty and had coffee.  They serve Stumptown but it was ok.  Great place just wish they had a diff. location.
  46. *Donnie Vegas on Alberta... great little bar with delicious Taptails and I really enjoyed the vibe and my drink, Moscow Mule with locally made ginger beer, I think Rachel’s?  Hot dogs from costco or wherever were ok and great for a little snack or lunch perhaps.
  47. *Bison for coffee on Tuesday, March 17th.  Had a chai which was delicious.  Steven had a latte made with Heart Roasters coffee and Joanna had a really good smelling tea.  We shared a Bison shaped sugar cookie which was good too.  This is on Cully in the middle of nothing so again, wish it was on my street.  Just opened in Nov. 2014.  
  48. *Char Burger in Cascade Locks... Ray had a burger and fries which were good.  I had onion rings that were fresh and so good.  View is awesome so go just for that if for nothing else.