Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Travel Oregon "Ask Oregon" Ambassador, Willamette Valley... a pretty sweet job!

This is  a response I sent to a potential tourist from Scotland wanting to visit Oregon this fall!  My job as an "Ask Oregon" Ambassador is to answer questions about the Willamette Valley via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  This guy likes jazz and country western and wanted to know what he should do as he travels around the entire state.  I could have rambled on paragraph after paragraph but I had to give my other "Ask Oregon" Ambassadors a chance to share what they love about their region!  So, Ted... hope you enjoy your trip this fall to the most beautiful place in the country and let us know if we can answer any more questions for you!

I'm Debbie Lusk the Travel Oregon "Ask Oregon" Ambassador for the Willamette Valley!  I love questions like yours because I get a chance to tell you everything I love about Oregon!  I will concentrate here on the Willamette Valley but believe me when I tell you that you will enjoy every minute you spend in this gorgeous state!

I am glad you will be exploring and that is my favorite thing to do.  However, I would like to entice you to spend as much time as you can allow in the Willamette Valley!  We are known for our rolling hills of green that are covered in vineyards.  In fact, you will be here in Oregon around harvest time.  Lucky you!!!  Have you ever stomped grapes, enjoyed barrel tasting, or strolled through a vineyard only to find the viticulturist that will love telling you about their wine?  That happens here in the valley and we have about 400 wineries so please, take your time!

What is great about our towns and villages in the Willamette Valley, is often you will find that "out of the way" spot where delicious food, decadent wine or the best brews can be enjoyed along with jazz or even that county western music you love.  I urge you to check out this website for some ideas on where to find our wineries and out of they way places to relax and enjoy!

on this website, you will also find a list of events that you can check on now and then while you are awaiting your visit here.

Don't forget about our coffee houses too!  We do have some awesome brews when it comes to coffee right here as well.  My fav is a McMenamins blend.  You can enjoy it at all of their restaurants or buy a bag or two to take back home with you.  It's best when enjoyed around a roaring outdoor fire with just a touch of cream floating on top.  There are several McMenamins restaurants and facilities to enjoy along with concert venues and outdoor enjoyment.  They are also fun places to find lodging as well.

I hope all of this info helps and please stop by and say hello if you happen to be in Albany, Oregon.  We have an awesome carousel project that is being hand carved at this very time.  A 15 year project that has about 4 years left to go!  A stop worth making and be sure to bring your camera!

Thanks again for your question!

Debbie Lusk
"Ask Oregon" Ambassador, Willamette Valley

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