Friday, September 27, 2013

Hoyt Arboretum... SECOND in a series of three encompassing the changing foliage through Autumn!

Hiking Trail at Hoyt Arboretum! 

About one month ago, I hiked for the very first time at Hoyt Arboretum.  Although I am quite sure we have touched the edges of this arboretum on our many hikes in West Portland and the Washington Park area, last month was a first to enter at the visitors center.  Before beginning your hike, pick up a trail map and there is no charge for entrance however, you are welcome to make a donation.  There are public restrooms and beverages available at the visitors center as well.

Cedar Tree!

The Hoyt Arboretum as I have mentioned in my "first in a series" blog last month has acres and acres of trees and foliage to discover.  There are miles of intertwining trails which are very easy to navigate.  This month we decided to cross the road and head over to the redwood forest.  There were a few deciduous trees in this bunch however after admiring the tall giants and the scents of pine and cedar, we quickly completed this .9 mile loop.  Heading back toward the visitors center, we remembered that if we wanted color, we'd have to take another route.  The wind blowing harder and even though I love hearing the rustle of it through the trees and hills nearby, the rain also wasn't far behind. We rushed up to the area I remembered from our last trip and snapped a few photos hence the following picture!

You can certainly see that Autumn is on its way.  I am in no rush whatsoever for it to come because then I know it will leave that quickly.  So, in every place, on every street or dusty road, in any neighborhood or garden, I look for signs of Fall and try and enjoy every moment wishing it didn't happen so quickly!    

If you are coming to Portland, I suggest a trip up to the Washington Park area.  Not only will you find Portland's Rose Garden still in bloom, you will see many trees changing color already.  The Japanese Garden is like a painting with all the colors that develop there this time of year as well.  But, if you have your hiking boots and don't mind a little mud, some gravely trails and some of the most gorgeous views in the Portland area, head up to the Hoyt Arboretum!  All of this and more is accessible via Park Ave. up in to Washington Park.  

Just a touch of Autumn and there will only be more over the next several weeks!

Loved donning my hiking boots today!  Great little hike with lots of  hints of Autumn!

As always, please be sure to bring water to drink and something to keep you dry especially this time of year.  The trails are well maintained and easily navigated and there are benches scattered here and there for sitting and enjoying a picnic lunch or snack.  

I will be back at the arboretum in about three weeks.  If you'd like to catch up and read my "first in a series," click here!  

Be sure to check on the Hoyt Arboretum website to learn more about activities happening this season and over the next two months. 

Looking for more Autumn scenic drives in Oregon?  Check out the Aufderheide Scenic Byway and the Over The River and Through The Woods Scenic Byway!  Two of my favorites both with hiking trails and things to do along the way!  

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My favorite time of year!

My favorite time of year!
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