Saturday, January 25, 2014

Portland Oregon! Coming home… my journey back to where life is so sweet!

Pips Donuts!
Sugar Cube on Alberta
I've only been gone for about four weeks but I feel like it's been forever.  I was working on my blog this evening and decided that after I was viewing some of my photos, I was really missing home.  Visiting family and friends is great fun and going back where I grew up is always interesting.  I moved to Oregon in late 2007 to open my bed and breakfast in the Willamette Valley and after five years, sold everything and moved full time to my loft in Portland's Pearl District.  I joke that there is only one way I'll ever leave Portland and it won't be voluntarily or on my own two feet.  My heart will always belong to the Rose City.

Deliciousness at St. Honore on Division
Since I've been traveling a lot lately and then had that flu that was going around, I haven't had much of a chance to get my very first ever list of my most favorite places to dine, sip coffee or have a cold beer posted.  I made a list recently of places I've been in the last year before finalizing my list for 2013 and I am torn between being very spoiled and very fortunate to tell you that I had to quit counting at just over 150 places.  I am just a little embarrassed but not enough to stop as my list for 2014 is growing by leaps and bounds. Just to name a few, here's my short list for places I want to try in 2014:

Cocotte on Killingsworth, Trifecta on SE 6th Ave., The Observatory, Free House where they make their chips with ranch dressing, Lovely's 50-50 for malted milk ball ice cream, Expatriate because it's Karen's favorite so it must be good, Roost, Equinox, Roman Candle, Toast, Bumble Kiss, Maurice on Oak because I love sweets, Bipartisan Cafe and most recently added, Nonna on Killingsworth.

Cranberry Coffee Cake at Arleta Library Bakery and Cafe

Sweet Potato Biscuits and Gravy at Arleta Library Bakery and Cafe

It's been said that everyone in Portland is in on this food scene we've got going on here.
We all are apart of this great play and our characters are real and they love everything about food.  From the restaurant, the chef at the stove or at the chopping block chopping delicious morsels, that guy behind the bar shaking that cocktail like there's no tomorrow… it's all a big show put on and attended by people like me, people that love the whole entire experience of what gorgeous food is.  It's here in Portland so if you want to get sucked in to pure good food enjoyment where every bite is magical and special and worthy of a photograph or writing about, come and see why Portland is so good for yourself.  You'll want to stay like I did.

bon app├ętit
Accanto… my number one pick for 2013.  Just in case you were wondering!

Coffee and dessert at Accanto!
My list of top 10 places I loved in 2013 are as follows:

1.  Accanto-for it's simply delicious food in a place where I feel totally comfortable and ok about lingering to enjoy every single bite!  Get the Gnocci and then coffee and dessert afterward!

2.  Arleta Library Bakery and Cafe-because of it's cozy feel and delicious coffee cake and the fact that I could literally go back every week and never tire of the friendly folks there.

3.  Liberty Glass-found this place accidentally last summer and I still stop on my way up the stairs to the front door and smile.  An old house come bar with some bites, awesome cocktails and a great little brunch on the weekends that is so unexpected.  Have the Date Cake.  There's enough for two!

4.  Sugar Cube-I'm not sure where to begin.  Kir is awesome and sweet and I'm in love with this little place.  A weekly visit serves us some great Ristretto Coffee and Blackout Cake for him and either a shortbread cookie or sammy for me in the Alberta Arts area of Portland.

5.  Xico-because I finally found some good Mexican food in Portland!  The atmosphere is nice, the folks are friendly and the food is superb!  Filled with that southern Mexico flavor, the spices and homemade taste to everything is simply quite amazing and it all goes perfectly with their margaritas!

6.  Ava Gene's-it's all I expected and more!  I get over excited when I read reviews and so I tried not to hype myself up over this place but guess what… it's all freaking true! The food is one of the tastiest Italian places in town and the vibe gets to your soul while you enjoy every single bite.  I will go back over and over again!

7.  Sweedeedee-sweet, vintage, mason jar sipping endearment!  I love, love, love this place.  Great breakfasts and lunch but man oh man that Whiskey Cake is something else.  Always get a slice to go!  I'm serious!

8.  Por Que No?-for their variety of Mexican food and those delicious Pomegranate Margaritas!  When it's summertime and it's hot and I've just walked almost three miles to Mississippi Ave and I need food and a cold drink, this is my stop!  I'll wait in line for an hour anytime for that margarita and Por Que Platter!  Great place to take visitors by the way.

9.  Waypost-for the entertainment and the vegan tacos but mostly for the margaritas!  A nice combo of music and at times poetry reading or whatever you can imagine a Portlandia episode would come up with.  Good place to go if you are on a budget by the way.  They also have "real" food but great to find a vegan option as well.

10.  Good Food Here-this little bunch of food carts at this pod on Belmont contains the best little places for all kinds of food!  My fav is the Mac n Cheese cart.  Always delicious and filled with all kinds of different tastes depending on how you want your mac n cheese.

…. and, if I was going to pick one more here, it would be the Food Cart Pod on Alberta for the Cheese Plate Cart and Captured by Porches Beer Cart.  Have yourself a grilled cheese sandwich and cup of cheese soup and a mason jar filled with beer and you are set for the day!

By the way, please let me know if you have a place you'd love to try or a place you've been and want to share with me.  As you can see I love any new food experience!

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  1. Your 2014 list looks great. Cocotte was my all time favorite for 2013 so excited to see what you think of it.