Sunday, April 6, 2014

Gardens in Portland you need to see!

Leach Botanical Gardens… stone cottage on site!

Another Travel Oregon AskOR question with my reply.  I do love our gardens and if there's a hiking trail in involved, even better!  Enjoy my answer!

"What are the best botanical gardens to visit in Portland?"

I am the AskOR Portland expert and I am happy to answer your question for you.

I love gardens so I have been to many in Oregon and here in Portland as well.  My most favorite "botanical" garden is the Leach Botanical Garden:

I visited this garden late last summer/early fall and really loved it!  There are many trails and the gardens are plotted out by areas or names and are all easily navigated.  There is a great stone cabin on site as well.  The moss covered trees and stream that run through this garden along with the main house was home to a family years ago.  Now the main house and patio area are used for weddings and special events.  You can check out the site and plan your visit around their open hours, etc.

A few more gardens worthy of a visit in Portland:

The Portland Japanese Garden:  Thee most colorful of any other garden in the area.

The Portland International Rose Test Garden:  I am a volunteer at this garden and will tell you than anytime of year is fine for a visit however, beginning in June is the best time to see the gorgeous roses in bloom.

The Hoyt Arboretum is another "must see!": and please see my blog with info on my three visits here last fall:

and these sites:

Also, please if you have time, you must go to the Oregon Garden:

And lastly… Lan Su Chinese Garden, the sweetest green spot near downtown Portland.  Go stroll the garden and have tea in the tea house.  Love this place: 

These links should give you some ideas for planning your trip to Oregon and Portland to see our beautiful gardens.  Please let me know if I can help you further.  I am happy to do so.


  1. Thanks for including us in your post!

  2. You are very welcome!! I love the Oregon Garden and recommend as often as possible!